YOUR WAY TO: Consciousness, Bliss, Presence

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Woody Chypre Oriental – earthy, warm, elevating

WHERE IT WORKS: Crown Chakra – Sahasrara – The Thousand Petalled Lotus
This center of higher consciousness and understanding is located at the crown of the head.

ELEMENT: Thought

INGREDIENTS: Designed to unfold in delicate layers like the thousand-petal lotus of the Crown Chakra, top notes of bright bergamot, tangy mandarin and fresh juniper berries merge soulfully with a vital heart of heady jasmine, spiced frankincense and smoky oud accord. The metamorphosis continues with a ground of white patchouli, benzoin, creamy amber, sheer musk, vetiver root, cedarwood resin and vintage sandalwood and is beautifully finished wrapped in an enveloping cocoon of cashmere wood.



HOW IT WORKS: Le Septième Parfum is deeply personal and charged with raw sensuality permitting to experience unity and selfless realization. When stimulated, the energy allows us to realize that everything is connected at a fundamental level.

MEANING: Our Crown Chakra is the meeting point beyond time and space between the finite (body and ego) and the infinite (universe and soul), where the mortal and the eternal intersect. Grateful for life and its lessons, we realize that everything is interconnected, there is no separation any longer between the “I” and other fellow humans, animals and nature. Ultimately, like a drop is part of the big ocean, we recognize the divine in ourselves.

Physically this chakra affects the brain, pituitary gland and nervous system

EFFECTS: When this chakra is open we see ourselves in others, we experience without prejudice and judgment. Through deep inner knowing and tapping into the flow of self-awareness and our consciousness we experience peace and harmony. We are able to manifest our desires and vision.

If this chakra is closed, we may feel disconnected and therefore isolated, anxious and depressed. We may not see any meaning in life anymore and continuously feel exhausted spurred by thoughts of insignificance and inefficiency.



You were never born; you will never die.

from Easwaran‘s translation of the Bhagavad Gita