“The 7 Collection“ – a line of exquisite and unisex perfumes conceptualized by Pauline Rochas and composed of exceptional and luxurious ingredients is inspired from the seven Main Chakras of ancient Yogic & Ayurvedic wisdom. These seven uniquely created blends, customized for each Chakra, give us for the first time a powerful navigation system where we can magically tap into our most inner needs & desires of the very moment.

Chakras are spinning energy wheels placed along our spine that harness our prana – our life force – the essence, which ultimately makes us live, breathe and connect. Each of the 7 Chakras has a specific quality that matches our desires spiraling upward from our most basic needs such as stability, safety, sex, relationships and success through our heart’s love & compassion to truth, intuition and finding meaning and purpose in our lives and beyond.